Age 60+

Gifts for All Occasions for Age 60 to 70
If you've never before tried to buy a holiday, birthday or special occasion gift for a woman or man in their 60s, you may be surprised by how challenging it is to find that perfect present.  By the time they're 60, they don't exactly have everything they want...but they know precisely what they want.  And the odds are it's not the most cheap and affordable gift, or they'd have it already.

Buying a 60 year old man or woman an affordable gift he or she enjoys - and doesn't toss into the nearest drawer as soon as you're gone - means getting creative.  Going home made.  Buying gourmet food gifts.  Personalized gifts.  Presents that take a little thought and are maybe out of the mainstream.

An unusual present, yes.  Not so unusual the recipient stares at it in puzzlement, wondering what it is, exactly.  But just distinctive enough to be interesting, elegant, or funny and get an "Oooh" or a laugh.  Unusual in a good way.

Gift Baskets for 60 Year Olds - Best Choice

As simple as they are, gift baskets usually fit all the requirements of a good gift.  They're great for food lovers - and who doesn't love food?  They have a personal feel, and they're memorable, even if the goodies don't last long.  And some even have touches of humor.

In addition, gift baskets are perfect for the health conscious or those with food intolerances.  If your sixty-year-old man or woman is on a special diet, then getting a gift basket with an assortment of sweet and savory foods is a very nice catch-all.    Healthy gift baskets for people 60 years of age include those with dried fruit, smoked salmon, roasted nuts, and, depending on their restrictions, gluten-free or sugar-free foods.

Gift baskets are right for any occasion, not just a 60th birthday.  Try Mother's Day or Father's Day.  Try retirement parties or other "thank you" or "congratulations" events.  And they make a great care package for a mom, father, wife, husband, or relative who lives at a distance from you.  Ordering a gift basket online allows you to send the offering directly to their door, at your convenience.

    Unusual and Creative Gifts for People in Their 60s
    There are a whole host of other gifts that don't fall into any neat categories.  Creative artisan jewelry makes a gorgeous unique gift for an anniversary or Valentine's Day.

    Gifts from catalogues like Hammacher Schlemmer have super creative gift ideas that nobody would think to buy for themselves....Like the World's Largest Crossword Puzzle, for example.

    Book Gifts for 60 Year Old
    • 60th Birthday Books for Women or Men
    • Winter Holiday Gift Books (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year's Eve)
    • Retirement Gift Books
    • Other Gift Books
    Books make ideal birthday gifts, especially those themed for the special occasion.  Books about turning 60 or approaching retirement are particularly suitable for milestone birthdays.

    Christmas, Hanukkah or Thanksgiving books are just as wonderful at age sixty as at age ten.  From books about the holidays to cooking to home-themed holiday books to nostalgic books from childhood, they're very appropriate for a wide range of personalities.  And they're inexpensive without being cheap or chintzy looking.

      Gag Gifts for an Older Man or Woman With a Sense of Humor
      When they have everything they want, or when you don't have any idea what they want, but they know how to laugh, and you know they know how to laugh, and they know you know they know how to laugh...try a funny gift.

      A joke or "gag" gift is a great ice-breaker at parties, since it brings laughter to awkward or sometimes stressful occasions (and for some folks, a 60th birthday is exactly that).  And best of all, gag gifts are usually cheap!

        Wine Gifts for Someone In Their 60s
        • Wine Gift Sets
        • Anniversary Wine Gifts
        • Valentine's Day Wine Gifts
        Wine gift sets, or just a bottle of a good vintage, are ideal as an anniversary or Valentines Day gift for a sixty year old man or woman.  And let's not forget New Year's Eve...

        Home Decor Presents for a 60 Year Old Guy or Lady
        • Crystal Gifts
        • Wind Chimes
        • Kitchen and Dining Themed Gifts
        • Other Home Decor Gifts
        Home decor is a personal thing, but some gifts are universally loved.  Crystal, wind chimes, china, and unusual items like a flowering tea pot make ideal gifts for both women and men.  But tread carefully here; don't go too taste-specific unless you know that he or she likes bright colors, natural fabrics, or that polka dotted china pattern...

          Gadget Gifts Work, Too - At Slightly More Expense
          Do you remember when people gave cell phones as gadget gifts?  Not mobile plans - the actual phone!  Today, men and women both love gadgets as presents - electronic or mechanical fiddly things that make your life better, that they'd never bother to buy for themselves, and that serve as conversation pieces during social get-togethers.

          There are so many cool gadgets on the market right now that a mature person would like - GPS systems, personal care items like a new electric shaver, outdoor barbecue and kitchen gadgets, and some truly unusual items you'd never have thought existed....

          If they're not already a techie, or they just don't have one yet, a man or woman 60 years of age might be thrilled with a gift like the Kindle ebook reader, something they might not get for themselves but really love once they try it out - especially if they have a sense of adventure!